Custodia is Aurora’s Home Management Hub for Seniors. Live Long At Home!

    Home Maintenance, Odd Jobs, and Home Care Services for Seniors in, Aurora

    How we assist seniors in Aurora, Onario

    Custodia is the home management and home care hub for seniors in, Aurora. We help seniors with home and yard maintenance, odd jobs, errands, home care, and personal support needs.

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    Seniors in Aurora, can bundle all of their home and yard maintenance into one affordable monthly plan with no long-term contract.

    You can save up to 15% on home services for seniors in Aurora, by bundling the services you need into one simple and automated plan.

    One Reliable Source

    When you are a Custodia customer on Aurora, you have found one reliable source for all of your home and yard maintenance needs.

    We only work with seniors in Aurora, and are trained to help you find what you need, when you need it. We can help you with just about anything around the home and yard.

    No Contract No Obligation

    We don’t believe in long term contracts and allow our work and our service to speak for itself.

    When you sign up with Custodia in Aurora, you get the same great service every time and have the control to make changes if you need to.

    One Reliable Source

    We are continually developing the Seniors Hotline so that you have a 24/7 concierge on the phone, website, and mobile app.

    Seniors in Aurora, Call or text 1-833-410-HELP to get anything you need around the home or yard.

    Bundle Services And Save

    Save 5% by bundling any 3 services, 10% when you bundle 4 or 5 services, and 15% when you bundle more than 5 services in your HMP.

    Custodia helps you save on all your home services and keeps them all in one detailed, simple to understand monthly bill

    Completely Customizable

    Your Custodia home management plan is completely customizable to your needs and the type of home you live in.

    You can start or stop any service at any time and you can even add one time jobs to your plan when you need them.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    When we work for you, we don’t stop until you’re happy. You deserve the best value for your dollar and we work hard to ensure you get it.

    If you ever believe that the work is not done correctly or if we miss something on a job, we will come back and fix it at no cost.

    Hours of Operation in Aurora

     CALL 1-833-410-HELP

    Phone Requests: 24/7
    Text Requests: Mon-Fri 9-5 


    Mon-Fri 8-6
    Sat-Sun closed


    Customers can request service 24/7 using our app or website

    Aurora Seniors! Reduce stress. Conserve energy. Live better.