How does the Custodia Refer A Friend program work?

How does the Custodia Refer A Friend program work?

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Give $50 get $25 when you refer a friend to Custodia

When you refer friends to Custodia, and they sign up for any of our services, you give them $50 Custodia Bucks toward the purchase. It’s like handing them free money to help them manage their home.

On top of that, you get $25 Custodia Bucks added to your Custodia account that you can use toward any service Custodia offers.

There are no limits to how many friends you can refer and no limits to how many Custodia Bucks you can earn.

  1. Email service@custodia.com to get a local referral link that you can share with anyone you like.
  2. Log in with email or Facebook
  3. Press any share button you like and your customized link will be shared with your network.
  4. You can check back to see if anyone signs up with your code!

We are trying to make this simple for you and for us, if you see any bugs or have any trouble simply email us at service@custodia.com or call us 1-833-410-HELP.

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