How does the Custodia app work?

How does the Custodia app work?

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The Custodia Seniors Support App curates a timely list of tasks, ideas, and content that are delivered in a smart aging in place plan to your mobile phone.

Each aging in place plan is prioritized based on the current state of the seniors home and personal well-being. We further enhance the feed using targeted local information, weather forecasts, and many other data points to make a more relevant and simple to use experience.

Example: If the senior has poor mobility and an old house, the plan will prioritize items differently than if they where in good health in a well-maintained condo.

Each item in the feed is assigned a value based on how important the item is to the present state of things for that particular senior. You earn points by completing or requesting the item. Your points are added up to make the Home Score.

Each week, there are more points to collect and a home score to update. A better home score means the stress levels in the home should be lower, the home is safe, and the seniors living there can remain as long as they like.

Custodia allows users to quickly scroll through the various items, complete them, learn about them, or request help to do them. Users can simply request the service right from the app and trust that a vetted, insured helper will come support them in thier time of need.

The vision to make aging in place less of a burden on seniors, their families, and their local support systems has led us to Custodia. A one-app solution to help seniors live more enjoyable lives at home while they age in place.

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