Feeling isolated? Enjoy a nice conversation with a Custodia Virtual Helper. Brighten up your day and get some things done.

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    Call 1-833-410-HELP or fill out the form above to sign up for Custodia and to book your first virtual visit. Be sure to let them know if you have anything specific you need.

    Virtual Helpers work through Phone or Video Calls

    Your privacy and security are the top priority

    Now you have someone to call to help you when you need it, just book a Custodia Virtual Companion. You can relax and they will be there to spend quality time, find answers, and to share a conversation with you.

    Your Virtual Helper can do more than you think!

    Your Custodia Virtual Helper is there to be a companion and an ongoing assistant to help you get things done. Enjoy a great conversation and end social isolation.

    – Organizing transportation to appointments
    – Order groceries or household items
    – Booking medical appointments
    – Help finding local seniors services
    – Help with letter writing
    – Celebrate special occasions
    – Get help with technology
    – Order household services
    – Enjoy a games night
    – Have a nice conversation 
    – So much more!

    Get ready for a great conversation

    Your Custodia Virtual Helper will call you or meet on Zoom Video at the scheduled time and give you their undivided attention. They are here to be your companion, your concierge, your helper, and your confidant.

    Connect with a Trusted, Friendly, and Uplifting Custodia Virtual Helper

    You can connect to your Custodia Virtual Companion through the phone or our live video platform. Either way, we are there to keep you company and help you get a few things done.

    About us

    Custodia helps older adults live longer and safer lives at home.