Custodia is growing its team to help more seniors than ever!

Custodia is growing its team to help more seniors than ever!

Custodia Seniors Support anticipates demand to triple for its seniors-focused services in 2019

Since opening our doors in June 2017, Custodia is experiencing an unrivaled demand for our seniors-focused services help keep seniors where they want to be – aging comfortably in their homes.

Growing from zero to almost 200 seniors served in the first six months is unprecedented growth, and has Custodia Seniors Support super excited for the future – and the startup is gearing up for the demand with a bigger management team and increased services.

Seniors want to live at home and with a little help from a friend – Custodia – now they can! “Seniors value their independence and we value their business and trust and being able to provide them with high-quality services that let them live safely, securely and stress-free,” says Geoff Whitlock, Founder of Custodia (gocustodia.com).

“Seniors who need help are calling us every day and we are out 7 days a week helping them live better in their homes,” says Whitlock, who has excitedly brought on new Managing Director, John Lootsma, to help meet the company and community’s growing demands by delivering comfort and confidence to aging clients.

Lootsma comes to Custodia with extensive experience in operations and field team management having worked at both Green For Life (GFL) and Waste Management, managing day to day field operations. “I’m excited to join Custodia and to work towards helping millions of seniors manage their homes so they can live there longer,” says Lootsma. “It’s a mission that I can really get behind.”

With seniors being the fastest-growing age group – 10,000 turns 65 years old every day in North America – Custodia is well positioned to help those wanting to age gracefully and with confidence in their homes. By 2031, Statistics Canada predicts that nearly one in four Canadians will be over 65.

The home-management company is well-known for its dedication to providing seniors with the assistance they need to age comfortably and stay socially connected.

Lootsma’s key responsibilities will be to manage Custodia’ day-to-day operations, service customers and to help grow the Custodia team across Canada. “John is a strong operator, can fix anything and is an overall great person.” says Whitlock, “We are grateful to have this dynamic new leader in our growing organization.”

Custodia Seniors Support will grow to help more than 600 seniors in 2019.


Who is Custodia?

Custodia is a seniors support company that is focused on building services and technologies that help seniors live better lives at home.

If you would like a great story please contact Geoff Whitlock, Founder of Custodia at 416-919-6112 or geoff@gocustodia.com.