Do you need a reliable personal assisstant to help with odd jobs, errands, and other household tasks?

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    Get help moving stuff around, technology, and so much more.

    Regular home help services for older adults can help reduce the effects of social isolation. If there is no one home, we will keep the home safe and maintained while you’re away.

    Professional Home Help service

    Get an email report after every visit and enjoy the comfort of knowing everything is ok

    Your Custodia Home Helper will visit your home at the scheduled time and perform the checks you need. They are here to be your eyes and ears, your concierge, your helper, and your confidant. You can ask them for just about anything.

    From odd jobs and errands to meaningful conversations

    Your Custodia Help service is much more than odd jobs. We are here to be a companion and an ongoing assistant to help you get things done. Enjoy a great conversation and end social isolation. There is so much we can help with!

    – Stop in for a short chat to brighten up the day
    – Check medication levels and other personal checks
    – 9-point perimeter safety check every visit
    – Take out the garbage and recycling
    – Visually checking windows and doors for signs of forced entry/vandalism
    – Ensuring that all are closed and locked
    – Checking for visible signs of water/pest damage
    – Clearing entrance of newspapers, flyers, junk mail
    – Confirm lawn and garden are being maintained and snow removal is being done
    – Water the plants inside and outside
    – Run the dishwasher, garbage disposal and water in showers & sinks
    – Check for power outages and electrical breakers
    – Make sure fridges & freezers working
    – Check thermostat levels and make sure AC/heat is working
    – Start and run your vehicle from time to time
    – Arranging and supervising repairs and services
    – Grocery shopping and stock fridge for your arrival

    Your privacy and security are the top priority

    Now you have someone to call to help you when you need it, just book a free Custodia Home Help assessment. You can relax and they will be there to look after the home and to check in on loved ones regularly. Our friendly Home Helper will be a welcome addition to the family!

    Enjoy peace of mind now that you have Custodia Home Help

    You can have your own customized professional home help service that suits your needs.

    About us

    Custodia helps older adults live longer and safer lives at home.