Home Services For Seniors

Seniors! Live Longer At Home

Home and Property Maintenance for Seniors

Custodia offers exclusive home and property maintenance and management services for seniors and their families. We deliver our services using our highly trained team of Home Pros as well as a safe and reliable network of specialized service providers. Custodia is here to help seniors live longer at home.

Seasonal Yard Cleanup

Cleaning up fallen leaves
Cleaning up yard waste and debris
Cleaning up dead plants
Trimming hedges and bushes
Cleaning up deck and patio area
Blowing out and sweeping around property

Snow Removal Service For Seniors

Automated after 5 CM snowfall
Driveway snow clearing 
Shovel walkways, porch and stairs
Clear access to garbage and recycling
We spread your salt when we are there
24 Hour snow removal guarantee

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Gutter And Window Cleaning Serivce For Seniors

Clean out gutters and unclog downspouts
Tighten gutters where possible
Clean exterior windows
Clean exterior window sills
Discount if you have a ladder on site
Seasonal service and maintenance

Lawn Care Service For Seniors

Cutting the whole lawn
Trimming the edges of whole property
Mulch and bag clippings depending on weather
Cross thatching cuts every other cut
Weekly in the spring, bi-weekly in the summer
Spreading your seed and fertilizer

Handyman and Home Repair Service For Seniors

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Highly trained and talented
Screened, insured and boneded
Affordable rates
Professional and friendly
Can fix almost anything

Home Accessibilitiy And Usability

Many of our customers need a little extra help getting around the house. That’s why Custodia partners specialize in accessiblity and mobility installations and maintenance.

Grab bar installation
Ramp installation
Accessiblity renovations for seniors