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Loneliness has long been a growing public health concern in Canada and globally, and COVID-19 is making the loneliness epidemic even worse, especially for the elderly.

By Joanne Richard. Older adults are particularly harmed — virtual hugs and kisses don’t cut it. NORC at the University of Chicago found the pandemic has made about a third of adults 70 and older lonelier than usual. “Increased insolation has lead to many seniors worrying about not having enough time left to see there families…
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Growing Seniors Support Company, Custodia, Names New Executive Leadership

Toronto, ON – Custodia, a leading seniors support company providing innovative home management subscriptions for seniors, has experienced rapid growth in adoption of its home management system. In order to best support this growth and Custodia’s strategic vision, the company announces a new appointment to the executive team. Graeme Knight, a strong home services operator…
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5 indoor activities for seniors

Indoor activities for seniors are important, especially in autumn and winter months, when the weather is typically cold and rainy. So make the most of your time indoors with these 5 autumn activities you can do around the house.

Boost your brain health with 5 exercises

Boost your brain health with our simple exercises. Boosting your brain health is an essential part of maintaining your cognitive abilities, charm, and quick wit.

The 7 Best Grab Bars for Your Home

According to Statistics Canada, 1 in 3 seniors over 65 are likely to fall at least once in a year. For many, these falls can lead to injuries requiring hospitalization. In fact, each year, 85% of injury-related hospitalizations in seniors are due to falls. The Public Health Agency of Canada say that over one-third of…
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How the Custodia app works

The Custodia Seniors Concierge App curates a timely list of tasks, ideas, and content that are delivered in a smart aging in place plan to your mobile phone. Each seniors plan is prioritized based on the current state of the seniors home and personal well-being. We further enhance the feed using targeted local information, weather…
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A note from our founder on the COVID-19 Pandemic

I’m writing this note to share the steps we’re taking to ensure that all of our teams, customers, and partners continue to have a safe and positive experience in light of recent developments regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Reducing the stress of seniors and their families is our top priority and a commitment that we take seriously.…
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How Seniors Can Protect Themselves Against COVID-19 in Canada

At the time of writing this article, there have been approx. 115,000 novel coronavirus cases worldwide, resulting in 4,000 deaths. Canada sits low on the list of infected countries, with 77 confirmed cases – one resulting in death. Of those 4,000 worldwide deaths, almost every victim was in the 60-80+ age range. (Source) Early data…
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Staggering Death Rates of Senior Pedestrians in Toronto – Why?

In Canada, the death toll of pedestrians is rising frighteningly fast each year. In Toronto alone, the numbers are staggering. Data released by the Toronto Police shows that in 2016, the city saw its highest pedestrian death toll in eleven years; 44 fatalities. 67% of these victims were over 65 years old. Did the numbers…
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Grandparents: Young Perspectives

By Mattea Pyette My grandparents are Italian immigrants who arrived in Canada in 1948 and 1956. Both arrived by boat in Halifax and eventually settled in Sudbury, Ontario. They married in 1957. My mother is their second oldest child. I grew up a 7-hour drive away from them, slightly isolated not only by the distance…
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