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Community engagement initiatives for Ontario Seniors

Looking for new opportunities to learn, have fun or meet new people? These days, seniors are living longer and more actively than they ever have before, with many remaining independent at home and in their communities. Opportunities for seniors Ontario’s Seniors Community Grant Program has said it will be extending and enhancing its support to…
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Top 5 services that Canadian Seniors want most

Aging is a universal process. It happens to all of us, but it does not have to be a bad experience as most people would assume. According to most seniors, the past year of their lives have been normal or better than average. More and more seniors are choosing to age in place in their…
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The Effects of Home and Property Maintenance on Seniors in Canada

Canada’s population is aging. There are now more seniors in Canada than there ever was in history. According to results from a 2015 Canadian census, over 15% of our population consisted of people over the age of 65. Canada’s aging population will continue to take up a larger share of the total population. By 2024,…
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Now that it’s legal, are you going to try it? What you need to know about cannabis and how it effects seniors

A few tidbits from the past week or so… HEALTH Now that it’s legal, are you going to try it? Do you know enough about Cannabis and it’s effects on you as you age? There are some interesting studies done that outline what it does and how it can effect you. There is an extensive guide we…
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City of Toronto May Take A Seniors Garbage Pails Out For Them, For Free

Taking the  garbage and recycling to the curb is a big job for many of our customers so you may understand how happy I was when my friend John showed me this service.   Eligible seniors can have the city come to their home, come up to the house and take their garbage out for them…
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