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Custodia will help millions of seniors live longer at home.

Yes, you can build a great career helping seniors live better lives at home!

We help great people build a lucrative career around helping others. Every day our team helps seniors and their families live longer and safer lives at home.

Custodia provides a unique career experience.

“When you help others for a living, you get a different energy from your day. It feels good to go to work”
— Jamie Sinton, Custodia Regional Manager.

Growth-Oriented Culture

Our goal is to perform 10,000,000 service calls for seniors throughout North America. We are off to a great start and are always looking to expand our team and our understanding.

Focus On Your Best Self

You are unique, in your way and we do our best to help you develop unique skills and ideas as you help seniors and their families conserve energy and reduce stress in their lives

Individual Autonomy

At Custodia, you have the freedom to do your best in your role and throughout the business. Our unique Team Score helps us all stay focused on what matters.

We provide learning solutions that help us continually adapt and evolve.

It’s not the biggest or strongest that survive the longest, it’s those who adapt that will take the prize.


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