Seniors Only: Call 1-833-410-HELP to get help with your home and yard maintenance.
Accessibility And Mobility In The Home And Yard

Custodia can help make your home more accessible 

Our customers have a wide range of accessibility, mobility, safety and security needs around their homes. We help customize the right equipment and services to help them where they need it most.

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Mobility and accessiblity services

Our home mangers can help you plan and intall almost anything.

Plan and install grab bars

Plan and update the bathroom

Ramps and walkways

Slip-proof flooring

Widening doors and walkways

Combine essential rooms

Upgrade home lighting

Move and organize furniture

Snoothen outside walkways


No matter what you need to help you use your bathroom more comfortably, Custodia can help you plan, shop, and install the equipment. And if necessary, we can remodel your bathroom to better service your needs.


We don’t stop at the bathroom! Custodia can help you install accessibility and mobility equipment throughout your home. Our professional home manager will come to your home to prepare a customized quotation perfect for you.

Make the home safe and accessible

Our mobility and accessiblity service for seniors is available in Toronto, Etobicoke and in Mississauga.

Visit your home

Your handyman will visit your home at the scheduled time. They will have a blue hat on and will identify themselves at the door.

Plan and quote the work for free

Your home manager will review the work you need completed and will provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation before they start.

Get started right away

If you approve of the quotation your handyman will start right away. They will do the shopping and have the tools and materials needed.

Don’t take our word for it,  read what our customers are saying!



“When I call, they are always there when I need them. They are easy to get along with and can always do want I need.”



“They where courteous and professional. I have since referred them to many of my friends and family members.”



“With Custodia, they come and can fix almost anything, I don’t have to worry about anything at all!

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Get your mobility and accessibility plan with Custodia.

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Custodia is a home management company exclusively for seniors

Seniors and their families enjoy having one number to call or text for just about anything they need.