Seniors Only: Call 1-833-410-HELP to get help with your home and yard maintenance.

Custodia was founded on the idea that we could help seniors and their families live better with less anxiety.

Our services and our approach to business is based on helping seniors live more enjoyable lives while they are living at home.

Founded to help seniors and their families

The idea for Custodia came to, Geoff Whitlock after his mother moved into a new house in another city. It was not about healthcare, it was more about home maintenance, errands, and small jobs. His mom is perfectly capable of doing most things around the house. It was the little projects and to do’s that she did not want to do anymore. Unable to find reliable and affordable services to help his mom, Geoff had the idea of creating a business that offered one number he or his mother could call to get her anything she needed around the house.   

This idea quickly turned into, Custodia Home Management For Seniors. A business that is focused on creating custom home management plans for seniors and their families that help them live a more enjoyable life at home.

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Custodia has been featured in the news and on TV many times!

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